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Inspecting a home is deceptively simple: anyone can do it. Performing a professional home inspection is infinitely more difficult.
A Home Inspector is required to have a broad technical knowledge in building, design, and the mechanical trades to recoginize conditions that may affect the future life of a home.
An Inspector must be able to analyze and evaluate what they have seen, to infer from that which cannot be seen, and to communicate those findings to the client.
Visual home inspections are conditional. they are meant to determine, in an objective manner, the present comparative state of the premises and all its components, systems, and elements.
Visual inspections performed to these guidelines are intended to provide the client with a better understanding of the property condidtions as observed at the time of the inspection.
This Chapter / site is dedicated solely to maintaining the highest educational opportunities available, to all InterNACHI Members throughout the State, and providing the client with a wealth of informative information.
Membership in InterNACHI requires annual  continuing education, surpassing any State licensing requirements, or those of other organizations.
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